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solum treatment

Professional Solum Treatments

Solum treatments are an effective solution for your property. Our expert team is dedicated to providing you with the best service and solutions for your specific needs. Don't let damp damage your property, contact us today at MacMillan Preservation and Building in Ayrshire for a consultation and survey.

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What Are Solum Treatments?

The solum of a property is the subfloor base of the property (level under ground floorboards). In older properties built prior to the 1950s, normally the solum areas are unsealed and are possibly damp. This may be due to the solum being lower than the surrounding ground levels around the property, the water table being near the solum level, defective or ineffective land drainage in the area and much more. Contact MacMillan Preservation and Building today for solum treatments.

solum treatment

Reliable Solum Treatments

Most properties built since the 1950s had the solum areas sealed, earlier with bitumen tar or in later years moving to current building standards, which stipulate that a Heavy Gauge Polythene Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) be laid on top of aggregate and covered with a screed of concrete. Many of the old tar sealed solums have deteriorated and the tar has broken down and is in need of replacement.

Effective Solum Treatments

A high moisture content in the subfloor area from a damp solum can result in the following:

  • High levels of condensation/mould growth throughout the ground floor living area

  • Wood rotting fungi affecting, floor timbers, adjacent skirtings/joinery timbers

Dependant on the construction and access of subfloor area, our surveyor will select the most effective solution of sealing the solum according to all of the contributing factors and detail a remedial specification in a written report and quotation for your consideration.

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"MacMillan’s did a great job for us. We were confident with the family company and the finish was really professional. The guys were friendly, hard working and reliable." 

- Mrs Wilson, Ayr.

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Call our team today at MacMillan Preservation and Building today for solum treatments in Ayrshire and surrounding areas.

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